Installing a New Sink

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As you renovate your bathroom, you have likely considered what every piece of the space will look like. The sink is, likely, one of the last things you install. Hiring a handyman in olympia wa can make the process easier, but if you do it yourself, here’s the process.

You will need to remove the old sink from your bathroom. If you’re replacing it with something similar, this process might be simple, and you may already have the tools needed for removing it. Some sinks are held on by screws, others are glued or stapled to the countertop.

The countertop will need to be removed as well. If your sink is going into a newly-cut hole, you’ll likely want to have to cut around the existing sink before removing it. You can use an electric saw, or even a jigsaw if you’re careful not to damage anything.

If you are replacing your old sink with a new one, you’ll want to cut holes into the countertop where the sink will go. A jigsaw is helpful here, as it can create more complex shapes without changing blades frequently. You’ll need to make sure that these holes are large enough for the sink, and that they are placed where you want them.

At this point, you’re going to install new faucets and the new sink. You’ll want to be sure that you put in enough caulk and that all of the pipes are as tight as possible. If you do it yourself, you may want to call in a plumber to check your work at the end of everything.

Installing a new sink takes effort, but as with the rest of your renovations, you will find that it makes your bathroom look as good as new in the long run.